Dana Juliana | Est. 1997

I was introduced to fashion when I was about 13/14 yrs old. I would steal my mom’s sewing machine and remix whatever apparel was available. I guess I was too young to sew but I did anyways. Through trial and error, I eventually taught myself how to sew, jamming my mom’s sewing machine plenty of times in the process. I’ve always been creative and fashion was my outlet. Coming to America I didn’t know how to speak or understand English, so I only knew what I saw; and that was clothes. After the trials and tribulations I experienced from 13/14 yrs old to high school it eventually transpired into my interest in studying fashion. I eventually applied to Savannah College of Arts and Design which is known as one of the best fashion schools in the country and that’s how I ended up in Atlanta. Since I was young, I told my mom that I would graduate from a fashion school and become the creative director/CEO of my own brand. As cliche as it sounds, being raised in Colombia, you don’t see many opportunities or inspire to be much but become a product of your environment. Learning about the industry, construction of garments, the history, and everything that came with fashion excited me. I craved knowledge and inspiration of why and how garments were made in order to apply substance to what I create. Attend college, graduate, and start my business has always been my plan.

Meet Nine Sixteen, the start of my fashion journey and career.
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